Hao Phuong provides customers with almost absolute peace of mind when you purchase Hao Phuong's solar solution package with a professional warranty - maintenance policy.

When the problem occurs, the customer will usually have to contact the electricity system suppliers to request a problem, the time it takes one to two days for the unit to solve the system problem, even longer. That may cause certain difficulties for customers in using electricity.

Through the "Online Care" service, Hao Phuong can accurately capture the health status of customers' solar power system, thereby coordinating with customers for warranty and quick maintenance of the system in the fastest way, help customers more secure when using the system.

The warranty period for equipment in a solar power system:

  • Bảo hành tấm pin: 12 năm
  • Inverter warranty: 5 years
  • Bảo hành hiệu suất tấm pin: 25 năm
  • Periodic cleaning and troubleshooting: 2 years